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There are many Dolomites Towns, more or less famous, since many centuries people live in this valleys and mountains. Places where you can spend happy days in a comfortable hotel, enjoying your italy holidays, making spots or visiting beautiful places and joint an old Mountain Culture. Back from your travel you will bring back the memory of a landscape, a peculiar place and people you have met during your travel and vacations. Dolomites Mountains are in the North East of the alpine chain. They are in an area spread on three Italian regions. Up to the north Dolomites reach the beautiful city of Lienz, an important city in Eastern Tyrol surrounded by many mountains.

Dolomites Towns in Belluno province

In Italy Dolomites Mountains rich, on east, the region Friuli Venezia Giulia, but maybe more than eighty percent of Dolomites are placed in Belluno province. In this province you can find many peculiar Dolomities Towns. One of the most famous Dolomites Towns is Cortina d’Ampezzo, called the Queen of Dolomites for its elegance and the beautiful mountains all around. Sappada is a town where there are the spring of Piave river and people speak a German idiom. Pieve di Cadore it’s a cultural and administrative centre of the all area of Cadore. Here is where the famous painter Tiziano Vecellio was borne. San Vito di Cadore is surrounded by wonderful Dolomites peaks and, like Borca di Cadore, is long Boite Valley. In Vodo di Cadore there is a singular village called Vinigo. Calalzo di Cadore is the place where starts the “Lunga via delle Dolomiti” a long track you can do by bicycle. Cibiana di Cadore is famous for its "Murales". Auronzo di Cadore is a very famous town for its tourism, like Misurina. In the areas of Agordo Valley there are many peculiar tows: Selva is an anciant village and in Arabba many people that love skiing reach this place to enjoy the winter. Falcade is a place where many famous people were born. Alleghe has a large and beautiful lake and Caprile is part of Alleghe town.

Dolomites Towns in Trentino and Alto Adige

In Bolzano province, or Alto Adige, you can find three Dolomites Towns spread long Pusteria valley. One of these is San Candido, a nice town closed to Austria border. Bressanone, is the third largest centre in Bolzano province and surely one of the oldest. The second one is Brunico, beautiful place and administrative centre as well. In one other valley, Val Gardena, Ortisei is a place to visit during the summer as well as in winter. Not so far from Bolzano is Merano, a large and elegant place. In Val Badia you can find Corvara, one of the most important places for the Ladino culture.

Towns in Trento province

Madonna di Campiglio
San Martino di Castrozza

On the board among three provinces there is the town of Canazei, it lies in a valley surrounded by beautiful Dolomites picks.

In Val di Fiemme you can find Predazzo, famous for its geological and ethnographic museum. The centre whit more inhabitants in Val di Fassa is Moena, proud town of Ladino culture. A town whit a wonderful landscape is San Martino di Castrozza. And at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites two beautiful resorts offer their hospitality:Andalo and Madonna di Campiglio.

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