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San Martino di Castrozza is the most known fraction of the Siror municipality and stays in a valley with woods all around and fields under the Pale di San Martino, which is one of the largest Mountain groups of the entire Dolomites. At North of the village there is one of the most famous passes of the Dolomites, the Rolle Pass. In the geographical area where San Martino di Castrozza stays there is the Val di Fiemme and Fassa at North and the Belluno district at South, and in the middle the Cismon stream passes through.

The town offers an incredible view, you can see peaks like the Vezzana, the Sass Maor, the Val di Roda peaks, the Rosetta, the Madonna Peak, the Cimon della Pala, and at the other side the Calvalazza, the Colbricon Peaks and the small Colbricon. The village is part of the large natural park of Panaveggio-Pale di San Martino, that extends up to the Belluno district.

The origins of the village are of an ancient monastery, the Ospizio dei Santi Martino e Giuliano, that welcomed who passed by the Rolle Pass, from the Primiero to the Fiemme valley or the other way round. Of the monastery only remains the Romanesque bell tower, while today the town centre offers art and antique galleries, handicraft workshops, shops with gastronomic specialities and wine bars.

From the end of the years eight-hundred the town has discovered its tourist vocation, lot’s of well known personalities have passed by during the years: writers like Arthur Schnitzler or music makers like Richard Strass. The tourists who stays or just passes by San Martino appreciates the fact of staying in a place where the nature, with its beauty under the shape of mountains, woods, fields, comes with all its majesty.

Seasons in San Martino di Castrozza

The Summer as it is easy to imagine, offers lot’s of different walks and things to see. You can go walking inside the natural park, there are easy walks that reach the famous Foresta dei Violini (Violin Forest), called like this for the use that was made of its wood, or in the Canali valley or going on longer and more difficult walks or even vie ferrate and climbing face mountains.

During the Winter the skiing can’t be missed out. At West of San Martino, under the Tognola Mountain and the Punta Ces, in the San Martino Passo Rolle area, there are more than 60 kilometres of slopes with 23 lifts. Always well covered by snow, the slopes, offer many difficulties for who wants to ski, snowboard or telemark. San Martino is the wonder of the snowborders, there is not one but two great snowparks. For who prefers the cross-country skiing there are about 30 kilometres of slopes.

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