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Hotels in Dolomites is an easy way to find a good and comfortable accommodation among Dolomiti Mountains. Here you can find the right place for your needs. If you are thinking about a mountain week, a beautiful scenery, a leisure time, maybe you deserve a vistit to us!
It’s time to look for something different. For a few days this solutuions are able to cuddle you, like a baby, or provide you ideas to spend you time, making sports or hiking or, again, just relaxing you…

In many accomodation hotel you can find modern and comfortable Spa. Many time they offer combination of Spa sessions and treatments for many kind of requests. This page gives you the opportunity to make treatments able to revitalise and rejuvenate. They do their utmost to maximise the enjoyment of your stay.

I’m sure you will advise your friends about the way to spend some days in vacation. And you’ll imaging to come back again for more beautiful days. Find your Hotel with us!

The Hotel Villa Oretta, owned by the Bocus family for more than 30 years, is a renowned restaurant with some rooms, located a few minutes from the center of Cortina, on the main road that leads to the famous slopes of the Tofane, and just above Bob's Olympic track.

In the centre of Auronzo Albergo Erika has many services for its guests. It's a good place for tourists or for who is in the area for its job. Suitable even for groups. The food is genuine and rooms are confortalbe.

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