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Dolomiti Links is a page where you can meet some friends of us. In thise page people with interest or activity similar promote their own passion or country.

From the mountains to sea level enjoy the beaches on the popular Greek island of Paros. Economical private villas available for families and groups. Plus all the island hopping information you want. Paros Paradise California Vacation Ideas: A local's comprehensive travel guide to Central California's hidden treasures. This part of the Golden State is more like the relaxed and friendly California of 100 years ago. We'll show you how to have the best California vacation, romantic or weekend getaway. Wineries, events, attractions, back road drives, festivals, beach fun, restaurants and hotels are all covered. Profusely illustrated.

Yes Montreal Business Kit is about doing business in Montreal. Exploring the business opportunities Montreal and deciding to launch your own business can be an interesting and a challenging endeavor as well as a difficult and a stressful one.

Maspalomas Gran Canaria Hotels - If you want to enjoy great weather during the whole year, you can visit the famous dunes of the Maspalomas beach, located in the south of the island of Gran Canaria. Here you will also find world-class hotels and resorts at reasonable rates, some of them right next to the beach.

Australia is a land of contrast, a tourist’s dream. There is so much to explore… mountains, gorges, rivers, waterfalls, canyons, valleys, rainforests, beaches and the outback… it’s all down under. Discover over 230 travel destinations and plan your Australian holiday adventure.

Choosing Bali Hotel Quack as your holiday destination is a smart choice.  It is a destination that has a lot to offer. Do not forget to take a glimps into the distinctive Balinese culture; watch a magical dance or participate in a temple ceremony.

All these in page there are many friend of Dolomiti Mountains and we are happy to collaborate with them also with links.

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