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Auronzo di Cadore is located north of Belluno province in the area of “Centro Cadore”, on the border with Bolzano area. The city is linked to Cortina d’Ampezzo by Passo Tre Croci, which lead further to Dobbiaco. One of the main features of Auronzo is certainly the length of the town, which arise along Ansiei river, surrounded by Dolomites Mountains like Cadini, Croda di Toni or The Corno del Doge (Doge’s horn), and marvellous fir woods. At the far end of the town, the river creates Saint Katherine lake which spreads for many kilometers and which is the location of many events and motor-boating races during summers.

Going up to the town, you’ll find the Sommadida forest which, in the past, provided timber to Venice for building ships and the city itself. Today it offers splendid walking paths immerse in the nature and, during winter season, many ski slopes for cross-country skiing at all levels and of different length. At Santa Caterina (Saint Katherine lake) shore, a fully equipped beach has been set up, for the joy of people of all ages. La Camminata per i Sei Rifugi (six refuges walking marathon), a non competitive walk marathon, takes place in the very middle of the nature every summer along a 30 kilometres track.

The magic season in Auronzo di Cadore

During winter, Auronzo di Cadore offers easy reachable ski slopes. From Mount Agudo start 15 kilometres snowy ski slopes, where even in the summer it is possible to simulate a bob downhill race (secured on a rail). Well known, quite in the centre of the town, is the ice stadium, where the local hockey team prepare itself and where many events linked with ice, take place all year round. Still, during the winter, has become famous the ice–Kart circuit.

auronzo di cadore lake

Arriving from Auronzo, the Tre Cime di Lavaredo (Lavaredo Three Peaks) stand out. Known all over the world for their shape and uniqueness, every year many people come to climb the peaks or just to admire them. There’s a hamlet in Auronzo, well known for its wonderful places and suggestive lake, Misurina.

Misurina Lake

Misurina is located 1754 metre of altitude and this effects the winter climate: on one side the temperatures are very low, but on the other is a very natural cure for people who suffer respiratory diseases. Misurina is also the location of one of the very few institute in the world specialized in the young asthma cure. As in the summer Misurina is the starting point for wonderful excursions on the Dolomites or the natural paths which lead to mountain refuges. During the winter the iced lake become playground for Polo competitions and the ski slopes become very busy thanks to the many ski practitioners or simply mountains & relax lovers. Sleddog and ski bikes are two other activities which developed during the winter season. Even in Misurina are ski slopes: the area of Col Devarda. For those who spend their skiing holidays.

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