San Candido
In Pusteria valley

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San Candido (Innichen) is a town with a strong vocation for tourism, it is in the Val Pusteria. It stands on a wide and sunny valley. Together with Sesto is crossed by the river Drau, which then flows into the Danube. The town is located in an edge area, there runs the railway and the road leading to Lienz, Austria. The country has medieval origins, before the year 800. On land there are various traces of its past, such as the Roman style cathedral. This church building, originally part of a monastery, is today considered one of the main monuments of the South Tyrol.

The country is small and tidy, with its many monuments, churches and squares. All this invites the visitor to appreciate not only the country but also the beauty of nature and the opportunities the area offers. During the winter the opportunity to ski the slopes of Mount Elmo and Baranci. Cross-country skiing is practiced by the fact that here passes the track linking Cortina and Dobbiaco. In summer the Dolomites Cycle Tracks makes the country as an important step for those who want to continue to Lienz or turn to Cortina. The slope of the bicycle path allow to cover the about 30 kilometres away from fatigue, the return is guaranteed by a train dedicated to Cycling. For those who want there are many destinations and paths for trekking and Nordic walking in the areas surrounding the center. the town is also the starting point for trips to mountains like the Three Peaks or Dreischuster. Into town and nearby are several bed & breakfast and shelters and campsites.

Whot to find in San Candido

In town there is Dolomythos: a museum dedicated to the Dolomites. The museum offers a wide representation of the alpine environment, from fossil flora of the Dolomites, through all the fauna with the best-known representatives of these territories. In winter a note event of ice sculptures takes place on the streets of the town. In summer, however, the country is leading an event where you can taste delicious local dishes. We should not forget that town is located inside the Natural Park of the Dolomites of Sesto, which in turn offers endless possibilities for hiking in a very large area of beatuful mountains and wild places.

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