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Actually Calalzo di Cadore is located in the geographic center of Cadore, closed to Pieve di Cadore. It is the spectacular gateway to the Dolomites chain Marmarole through the Oten Valley. This town is on one shore of Lake of Center Cadore, formed by a massive dam that harnesses the Piave River very south. Beyond the lake Calalzo sees before him the bastions of Toro (Spalti di Toro), a chain of mountains which form the border with the regions of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Also mount Antelao rises majestically from a the west of the town, Its slopes can be accessed at several points from this town.

The features of Calalzo di Cadore are many, one of the most important, certainly in archaeology, is the town of Lagole, near Lake of Center Cadore. In this site were found many bronze artifacts of the early Christian period. It was a place of worship where devotees of the ancients went in search of protection and health, leaving gifts for the gods. This town has been interesting for centuries for people that have followed. Lagole is in effect a source of water rich in sulphur and thus recognized and appreciated, even in Roman times, for its qualities and therapeutic properties. Today the area is a fully suitable area for quiet walks in the woods and shores of a picturesque lake called Lake of Tose. The railway, which connects the Cadore and Venetian plain, ending his race just in town. But from here begins the long road of the Dolomites, the cycle track through Cortina d'Ampezzo, Toblach, San Vito di Cadore and many other countries, comes at the end in Lienz, Austria. In Calalzo, at the start of the cycle track, there is the first Hostel in Cadore.

Industries in Calalzo di Cadore

Since 1878, or since it was opened the first glasses factory in the Cadore valley, Calalzo has become a key center throughout the industry worldwide. From here began the prosperity of the area that has enjoyed for many years, and in this field have arisen many trade and industrial companies. This town is a fundamental starting point for some hiking in the Centre Cadore area. Along the Oten valley you are surrounded by lush vegetation, composed especially by forests of conifers and beech trees as well as a large variety of flowers and plants. Along this valley you can reach several shelters at the feet of Marmarole and Antelao like Galassi, Capanna degli Alpini or Chiggiato. For who goes into the valley can not miss a visit in a truly enchanting scenery, the waterfall of Pile, which can be reached along a narrow canyon carved by water. Going towards the Antelao, once achieved Plans Antelao, you can proceed to the glacier, a place certainly fascinating for its magnificence.

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