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Canazei is located among three provinces: Belluno, Bolzano and to Trento. It is positioned in the southern side of the Val di Fassa. The village is laid on a natural basin and it’s surrounded by seven dolomites peaks, like the Collaccio, the Marmolada, the Sella’s range or Col Rodella, the village is acquainted to be a beautiful natural place. Somehow, it is partly thanks to the strategical position, next to the Dolomite passes Pordoi, Sella and Fedela.

This charateristic town has grown in years but hasn’t yet forgotten its origins and the Ladino culture. Culture of which the old traditions and dialect are alive among the citizens of this town, yet are many the events that promote the old roots through dancing and theatre.

Along the year, many activities take place in town, in summertime there’s the Gran Festa da d’Istà, that gathers altogether the people from the Ladino community retracing old memories of an everlasting culture.

All around the Val di Fassa Dolomiti the are so many opportunities to have excursion either through trails at high altitude or at the bottom of the valley, while enjoying breathtaking sceneries of woods and meadows of undeniable beauty. For the lazy ones, is easy to reach the Sass Pordoi via cable-car, starting from the Passo Pordoi, or visiting Fedaia’s artificial lake that rings Alba and Penia centers.

The best time in Canazei

Canazei’s best time as a tourist destination is definitely in winter time. From the town centre is very easy to reach four different ski areas. Starting from the Belvedere, where the lovers can find the only snowboard park of the entire resort, with berms constructed out of snow including an half-pipe trail, getting to Ciampac where’s a dizzying black trail that steeply runs down to the village, and above it you can find nice sunny trails. Then you can get to the Col Rodella and you can get to the Marmolada where you can practice snowboard and telemark on a wide range of ski trails.

The strategical position of this town offers an easy rapid way by cablecar from the town to Pecol to the ski area of Belvedere Col Rodella. Going further on is easy to get to the Val Gardena, to the Arabba basin or to the other locations of the Sellaronda ski circuit.

Not to be missed the cross-country skiing, one of the favorite ski specialties, with its renowned Marcialonga ski race. The outstanding fineness and the lovely panoramas in these places enhance the pleasure of skiing around them. To be considered also, the chance to practice other winter sports such as ice-skating or hockey in the ice rink or in the outdoor trails.

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