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Falcade is along the Bios valley, which extends for about 15 kilometers from the San Pellegrino pass up to the Cordevole stream at Cencenighe Agordino, in the Belluno district. The town is in the north of Agordo.

The name of the town seems to be taken from the ancient and main job of the then inhabitants; "Cutting the fields", in italian “falciare i prati”. There are still many colorful barns as in the past, and sometimes still are used to store hay for grazing animals. Along the Bios valley there are many more than 300. They are part of the tradition of the environment of this area.

The town, during the past, has given birth to many illustrious personalities amongst which there are: the sculptor Giovanni Marchiori (1696-1778) teacher of Antonio Canova, the theologian and philanthropist Bartolomeo Zender (1736-1825), the painter Gianmaria Pellegrini (1793-1843), the poet don Piero Follador (1827-1871), the historical don Francesco Pellegrini (1826-1903), and of all the fellow citizens the most known sculptor Augusto Murer (1922-1985), a lot of his work are kept in a museum dedicated to him, where you can see other exhibitions during the summer period. It refers to bronze, wood and ceramic sculptures. Even today, in the town can be seen other works from the artist: a monument dedicated to the motherland and other pieces in the parish church.

Winter opportunity in Falcade

There are different chances for summer excursions, and many of them are on mountain bike. You can reach places where battles of the First World War took place. Some excursions can be done in attractive places like the Gares waterfall, or in the direction of the Rosetta refuge or even up along the vie ferrate.

The town is part of the Tre Valli skiing circuit that from the village arrives up to Moena from the San Pellegrino pass, all part of the Dolomiti Superski circuit. There is more than one hundred kilometres of slopes where you can ski. On all the slopes can be used the artificial snow machines and the ski lifts are 27. Even this village, as well as Arabba, can be considered a joint in the circuit of Dolomiti Superski.

The community is divided in different sections and around the town are the Focobon group and the Cima d'Auta peaks, near the Marmolada and the Civetta group.

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