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Agordo is an elegant town, though small, looks a bit an aristocratic town with its arcades and its beautiful buildings. In town there are many shops and cozy pubs, its narrow streets tempt anyone to walk through the historic center. The town today is a popular tourist destination, partly because of its location close to many ski resorts and is also equipped with various sports facilities: it has two sports halls, tennis courts, an ice rink, a shooting area for rifle, gun and even archery, and finally a bowling green. Its history is ancient, witnessed by finds of Roman times. Agordo lies comfortably in a valley along the valley of the river Cordevole. The beautiful Dolomite Mountains frames it. A little distant, to the north, there are the Marmolada and the Civetta, but much closer to the Moiazza the Agner, the Pale di San Lucano and chain Tàmer San Sebastian.

marmolada in autumn

There are valuable monuments in the town such as the Archdeaconry Church, characterized by two towers and in works by local artists. It was enlarged and rebuilt in 1852, on its foundations rose an earlier Romanesque church of the twelfth century. Monument of great value is the Venetian Villa Dé Manzoni, between the Venetian villas that is geographically the northern. Next to the villa is the Broi, a large grassy yard surrounded by hedges where once you held the market, now there are held events of various kinds. These buildings and the large open space are the main feature of the country. In terms of wilderness the town has a prominent place. His section of the Italian Alpine Club was founded in 1868, among the first in Italy. The peaks around the town all have their mountaineering history. If the Civetta is the kingdom of the sixth grade, the Angner with its northern wall, offers 1.600 meters of climbing wall completely vertical, the longest of the Dolomites. Even in the early nineteenth century drew this Mountain Climbers coming from outside Italy. Outside the roads for mountain climbers in the area you can climb on several climbing walls, some are now beginning to practice even Bouldering, climbing on boulders a few meters. For those with limited time there is also the indoor gym.

Some more informations about Agordo

You can also practice different kinds of excursions in the area. For example visiting the beautiful Laghetto delle Peschiere (little lake of fishponds), fascinating stroll through the woods runs along the valley of San Lucano. Not forgetting that most of the territory of Agordo is located within the National Park of the Belluno Dolomites and interesting from the standpoint of industrial are the ancient mines of Valle Imperina, where even in the thirteenth century was mined copper and silver. Without tiring you can visit the city museum of eyeglasses.

The town can often taste typical dishes of the tradition of the mountain. At the farm in the area you can taste the cheese in the hut. They have had over time a reliable and valued recognition, so that today passes for Agordo Road Cheese of the Belluno Dolomites.

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