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Alto Adige (South Tyrol) is a region of the Alps, which in some parts is characterized by the presence of dolomite rocks. Situated in the extreme north, near the border with Austria, but between Lombardy to the west and Veneto and the other Dolomites to the east. To the south lies the province of Trento with which together form the region Trentino Alto Adige. The particularity of this region is that, while in Italy, the majority of the population is German speaking. About 70% of population speaks that language. Less than 30% speak Italian and another minority, below 5% speak Ladin.

After years of tensions between the german community and national institutions, this land has made a qualitative leap in tourism but also rediscovering its environmental and cultural heritage. In a special land, compared to other provinces and regions of the Alps, this region knows perhaps better than other areas to maintain and promote their tradition and know how to offer them its visitors.

The region is a land of mountains, where they still practice with assiduity the breeding and the cultivation of fields, and produce excellent quality wines. Where mountains are known i.e. the Dolomites of Sesto or Sassolungo, are also cultivated fruit trees. Among national parks, such as Fanes or Puez Odle, there are wonderful hotels with all modern facilities. And then, between the ski slopes, cross country sky trails and mountain trails, you can enjoy excellent cuisine including regional and national dishes.

This Land is proud of their traditions and their rituals, their religious customs and their language. Thanks to its territory so rich in natural heritage has managed to blend all these things to offer its visitors. Not only mountains but then can also be soothing and comforting when you stay at the hotel. Visit the beautiful and elegant towns, villages and towns of medieval origin, shares the story of these places.

Alto Adige between culture and territory

The rural culture was maintained over the centuries, although some clothing and customs are changed, the sense of belonging to self community is still strong. But perhaps this aspect has largely directed towards the culture of kindness. Careful about detail, the inhabitants of this land have put much attention to the care of their guests. Almost every hotel here offers wellness servicers i.e. hay bath or many other types. Refined dishes with meat still soft and tasty. The environment around offers relaxing walks through the wood to discover its fruits and scents. The bright green lawns offer walking trails through simple and well marked. Families bring their children in equipped places and full of surprises for children.

This region is a perfect blend of tradition, culture and tourism. Is to the visitor to discover and appreciate the world offered by its inhabitants, including mountain, forests and fun environment.

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