Sciliar Catinaccio
A beautiful group of Dolomiti Mountains

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This UNESCO site called Sciliar Catinaccio (Sciliar Rosengarten), lies entirely in the region Trentino South Tirol, is composed of three groups of mountains. They are Sciliar, Latemar and Rosengarten. All three together form an area of 9.302 hectares, divided between the two provinces of Trento and Bolzano, but the Sciliar lies only in the territory of the latter.

Indisputable symbol of Rosengarten and of the Sciliar Catinaccio whole group, are the Towers of Vajolet, three spectacular peaks that are tinged with pink during the rise and the sunset. They represent fully color, form and charm of the Dolomites. Rosengarten Although the name refers to a single peak, in reality the group composed of several peaks takes its name. This group has sharp and jagged shapes of Dolomite, with thin and bold ridges. Here the heights are dizzying, many exceed 3.000 meters and take slender forms and massive. Among the most famous of the towers stand Vajolet Towers that exceed 2.800 meters in altitude, with the North Tower, Tower Winkler, the Main Tower, Tower Stabeler, Tower Delago. The higher are the Roda di Vael of 2.806 meters, the Croda di Re Laurino (King Laurin’s Peak) of 2.813 meters, 2.981 meters and Peak Rosengarten of the Rosengarten Antermoia of 3.002 meters. There is also a eastern subgroup called the Cliffs of Parsec, which is formed by jagged peaks. Furthermore, the name Rosengarten (Italian: Catinaccio) was given by Trento mountaineers versus German for which the name of the group is Rosengarten, meaning rose garden.

Through the fork Terrarossa Rosengarten is connected to the Sciliar. The Sciliar Dolomites appears, from the south, as a plateau on which such peaks overlook Peak Euringer of 2.394 meters, or as Peak Santner to 2.413 meters. Instead, from north, appears in all its grandeur and variety, marked by gullies and ravines and a monolithic appearance made by compact Dolomite. Here are the most famous peaks of Monte Castello (Mount Castle) 2.515 meters and 2.563 meters of Petz. Seiseralm Sciliar and are both part of Natural Park of the eponymous province of Bolzano.

The last beautiful group of Sciliar Catinaccio

The third group, which is part of this UNESCo site is Latemar, separated from the Rosengarten by the Karerpass. This group runs from the Val di Fiemme to Val d'Ega, the first in Trentino and second in South Tyrol. North Latemar is reflected in the famous Lake Carezza, turning heads as the clear color of its rocks and its forms which stand tall towers. The major peaks are Schenone of 2.791 meters, Top del Forcellone of 2.750 meters, the Feudo of 2.670 meters, the Corno d’Ega of 2.799 meters and the Cimon del Latemar of 2.486 meters. The Tower of Pisa is one of the most distinctive and original peaks of this group because, with its shape and vertical angle, remind to all walkers the famous tower of the same name. There’s no doubt that the Sciliar Catinaccio is one of the most spectacular in the Dolomites.

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