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The group Pelmo Croda da Lago is the first among the UNESCO sites, it extends over 4.343 hectares and the buffer area is 2.427 hectares more.

In this group, between Cadore and Zoldano, one of the most charming mountains of the Dolomites spreads: Pelmo. Being nearly isolated from the other mountains and because of its characteristic shape, it is a wonderful example among the Dolomites. The massif looks like a sort of chair or a throne and since ages it is called, by the local people, Caregon del Padreterno, that means, more or less, God’s Throne. Pelmo is 3.168 meters high and near, in the same group, Pelmetto spreads. It is 2.990 meters high. Pelmetto is famous for dinosaur fossil spurs found many years ago on its feet. We must mark that near Pelmo an ancient tomb had been found, about 7000 years old, dating to the Mesolithic age and famous as Mondeval Discovery. This finding let us understand haw old the human presence is in the site Pelmo Croda da Lago and all over the Dolomites.

impressive mount
morning on mount pelmo

Exactly from Pelmo the golden age of Dolomites Climbing began in 1857. In this period brave climbers, such as John Ball, marked the climbing history, just starting from the Dolomites.

In the territory of Cortina D’Ampezzo the Croda da Lago group spreads: it is another wonderful example of Dolomites Mountains, 2.701 meters high. The group is between the valleys Val Fiorentina and Val Boite. Peaks spreads so jagged and brave, with pinnacles and towers; things that only in the Dolomites can charm the visitor. The highest peak of the group is Cima Ambrizzola, 2.715 meters; but other peaks are characteristic of the group: Monte Formin, 2.657 meters, yellowish colored, Becco di Mezzodì, 2.603 meters, Rocchetta Alta, 2.412 meters and Rocchetta Bassa, 2.047 meters.

And something more about Pelmo Croda da Lago

On the feet of Croda da Lago there is the beautiful Federa lake and near G. Palmieri Croda da Lago refugee. Today, alpine refugees are nearly hotels in some place, very nice places where to spent some holydays on high altitude. Another smaller group is part of this group: that is Nuvolau with the refugee with the same name on the top. From the refugee it is possible to have a wide sight all around, even to some Austrian mountains. Many peaks belong to this group such as Nuvolau, 2.564 meters, Gusela, 2.595 meters, and Averau, 2.647 meters. All this group is considered very panoramic and highly interesting because of its wide set of rocky forming that is possible to admire.

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