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Marmolada Gallery shows some pictures about this imponet massive. The glacier is very wide. It is possible ski over the glacier even in summer, but when the weathe allow it... In front the Glacier there is a lake, and a road run around it. At the opposite of the mountain there is the famous mountain road Il Pesce, more than 1000 metre of wall! Marmolada is 3.348 meters high with the Punta Penia and its glacier is the largest in the Dolomites. Click here to know more about Marmolada.

ice shape of marmolada
glacier from bottom
the glacier in summer
top of the mountain in autumn
the lake of marmolada
the lake and the skislopes
the skislopes
top of marmolada mountain
road around the foot of marmolada
the summit and the glacier
marmolada in winter

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