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Selva di Cadore is an ancient alpine village in Val Fiorentina and at the foot of Mount Pelmo. The village is located in the high agordino but the administrative territory belongs to Cadore area. It has ancient origins and for millennia the local people has been dedicated to agriculture and pastoralism. Always formerly the town experienced new life with the discovery of iron mines in the nearby town of Colle Saint Lucia. But the real revolution would come to this day, with the discovery of this places from visitors, it was the tourism.

The town, though small, is situated in a strategic area of the Civetta ski area, a very large area with 80 km of ski slopes. From here you can go skiing to Alleghe or in the area of Zoldo valley. The village of Santa  Fosca is the gateway to this circuit. This is part of the large Dolomites Superski circuit.

selva di cadore

A long and ineresting history in Selva di Cadore

In addition to its beautiful forests and pastures, the country has two interesting things to see.
The famous Man of Mondeval, the ancient burial found in the homonym valley, is preserved in its own country is in the interesting archaeological museum Cazzetta.
Museum that gives an insight into life in the mountains of men who lived over 7000 years ago. Its long history of this country it is obviously proud.

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