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The Trattoria Ninetta is located along the road that leads into the valley of Zoldo from Longarone. Ideal place to stop after a day on skis or a hike in the mountains. Because a lot of people do just that.

It is a trattoria of ancient tradition. The environment is that of grandma's house, warm, welcoming and relaxing. Impossible not to be immediately at ease. Here for five generations now they are offered refreshment, cordiality and dishes with strong flavors but surprisingly light.

Traditional dishes at the Trattoria Ninetta

lunchroom trattoria da ninetta
hearth trattoria da ninetta

It is precisely the dishes that take their characteristics from the ancient tradition, from the seemingly poor mountain land but full of sensations and aromas. Among the first stand out the ricotta dumplings, pumpkin and spinach gnocchi, pasta and beans, but then comes the second. Here the flavors make a further leap forward and the smells more determined. It's time to taste the game, like the deer for example. You can taste the grilled meat, or order the kid, or the lamb, and still the overcooked. All courses rich in flavor, color and aroma, sensations that we might have forgotten.

And to think that in the end it is really easy to go back to rediscover some flavors, just stop at our Trattoria...

You can find us:
Via del Canale 22, Mezzocanale
32012 Forno di Zoldo BL
Tel. 0437 78240 cel. 338 1518872 Fax. 0437 787696

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