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Alta Pusteria (Hochpustertal) offers to fans seven ski resorts that are divided into 54 kilometres of tracks and are well served by 28 lifts. Alta Pusteria area has a cable car, 3 gondolas, 6 chair lifts and 18 ski lifts.

Nowadays the areas of the Dolomiti Val Pusteria are known to all. Close to the ski resort of Austria is the Helm Mount. The runs start from the summit at 2.200 meters down into the valley with 21 kilometres of paths. The longest slope is the track Raut, after 4,8 kilometres you arrive in town Versiaco (Versiach) in the area of San Candido (Innichen), from here you can go up by cable car. Cable car that climbs the other side with another 7 lifts and chairlifts complete the offer of the town. The trails are not hard, sometimes, however, the last stretch of track that leads to the base of the gondola could be icy. We emphasize the beauty of the views on top of Mount Elmo.

Always at the ski area Baranci offers 8 kilometres of ski runs served by 4 ski lifts. Here the difficulty is reduced, at most average. Here the focus is placed on kids, thanks to the presence of a playground. In terms of racing that stands out but here are disputed World Cup races of snowboarding.

Even in the Croda Rossa area families and snowboarders will find everything they want, playground for the first and plotted for the latter. Here are the 7 kilometres of trails served by 3 cable cars.

Instead, at Dobbiaco (Toblach) 4 kilometres of trails are serviced by a chairlift and 2 lifts. Here the slopes are easy, even a ski lift has been specially equipped to facilitate the lift of children.

In Sesto (Sexten) skiing is a celebration. Here the track is more or less a kilometres and a half, suitable for children, there are two carpets for the ascent. Weekly courses are held for beginners and a playground is available for families.

prato piazza
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On Passo Monte Croce (Kreuzberg Pass) there is a ski lift that reaches a height of 1.600 meters. The area is also accessible from the location of Croda Rossa.

Two kilometres of tracks are located at the Valle di Braies (Plaetzwiese). Again, these tracks are not too demanding.

Alta Pusteria and cross-country skiing

Even cross-country skiing has a number of courses we try in Alta Pusteria. In San Candido a trail, considered not too simple, covers 11 kilometres with an elevation gain of nearly 300 meters. Another, shorter than three and a half kilometres, covering a vertical drop of 120 meters. Around Dobbiaco lake eight kilometres of track covering a simple link between the forest and the lake. Easier to 4 kilometres between Viallabassa (Niederdorf) and Dobbiaco (Toblach). Another track, not too demanding, is on a ring of 6 kilometres is located near the place of Prato Piazza (Plätzwiese), about 2.000 meters of altitude. The landscape and nature in this place are fascinating. From here you can admire the Tofane, Monte Cristallo and the Croda Rossa.

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