Alta Via Number One
A classic route in the Dolomites

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Alta Via Number One is considered one of the most classic in the Dolomites, stretching between the provinces of Bolzano and Belluno, in the Eastern Dolomites. The Alta Via Number One intersects famous paths full of history and charm. Passing through places with the real spirit of Dolomite and Alps. This is an alpine path that an avid mountain and mountain nature can not give up, or follow it at least partially.
There are three distinct parts in which the high route can be divided: the starting point, the gorgeous Lake Braies to Tofane, passing groups of Fanes and Croda Rossa. From then to the Tofane Civetta, through areas of Nuvolau, Croda da Lago and Pelmo. Finally the majestic Civetta to Belluno through groups Moiazza, Tamer-San Sebastiano, Pramper-Sonnenberg and Schiara. Officially, however, the stages are 12, which descend 8 or 9 depending on whether you want to skip some portion of the path.
If the long journey of 125 kilometers, is not particularly difficult about it is true that it is long. So as to require 12 to 15 days of walking at an average altitude of 1,500 meters. Fortunately there are 15 shelters along the Alta Via Number One. Just to be sure to find them open to the needs of the hiker, it is recommended to walk the track in the period from 20 June to 20 September.

The stages of the Alta Via Number One

The first stage from Lake Braies to Rifugio Biella
It is about three and a half hours of walking. From the shelter, in just over an hour, you can reach the top of Croda del Becco.

The second stage from Rifugio Biella to Rifugio Fanes
It's a path of between four and five hours.
From Biella there are two alternative routes that lead to Rifugio Fanes. The path in share is still easy and scenic.

The third stage from Rifugio Fanes to Rifugio Lagazuoi
Here five hours walk.
Here it is in view of Cortina d'Ampezzo, through the Forcella del Lago between Torre del Lago and Cima Scotoni.

The fourth stage from Rifugio Lagazuoi to Rifugio Nuvolau
About five hours walk.
Here you can make a variation, the famous and spectacular via ferrata Lipella. Also you can go to the Galleria del Castelletto, suddenly famous for the events of the First World War. From the point of view of nature instead we pass to the Tofana di Rozes.

Photograph taken from the official site Alta Via nr. 1

The fifth stage from Rifugio Nuvolau to Rifugio Città di Fiume
About four hours and a half walk.
Even here there is a variant for those who want to have the possibility to transit across the area of the Cinque Torri, the same name at the shelter and refuge Croda da Lago Palmieri. The route still runs at the base of the magnificent Mount Pelmo, "Caregon del Padreterno".

The sixth stage from Rifugio Città di Fiume to the Rifugio Venezia and Palafavera.
Over five hours walk.
Here you are well variants available: from Città di Fiume to Staulanza, from Città di Fiume to the Rifugio Venezia and to continue toward Palafavera or from Rifugio Città di Fiume to Rifugio Coldai, for Casera or Bela Mont Vescovà and Pioda.

The seventh stage from Palafavera the Rifugio Sonino, Rifugio Tissi and Rifugio Vazzolèr
About six hours walk, the longest stage.
From Rifugio Sonino al Coldai begins one of the most majestic of this Alta Via, the great north face of Mount Civetta.

The eighth stage from Rifugio Vazzolèr the Rifugio Carestiano
Four hours of travel.

The ninth stage from Rifugio Carestiano the Rifugio sommariva al Pramperèt
About four or five hours walk. Here another variant to the Valley of Zoldo.

The tenth stage from Rifugio Pramperèt to Rifugio Pian de Fontana
Three hours on the road.

The eleventh stage from Rifugio Pian de Fontana to the Bivacco del Marmol. About four hours. Here it passes through Schiara and you can walk the famous terraces in karst cliff over the valleys below. A variation leads to the vision of the famous Gusela del Vescovà, a vertical tower and unique, a true example of dolomite tower. This area is part of the National Park of the Belluno Dolomites.

The twelfth and final stage from the bivouac Marmol to Rifugio 7 ° Alpini about five hours walk. From here you can go to the gates of the city of Belluno and from the bivouac you can go down to the hut with a simple path. Here we are in the Belluno Dolomites, the end of Alta Via number One.

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