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In Cibiana di Cadore

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Deona Hut at the top of the Cibiana pass, between larch forests and beautiful mountains there is a cozy hut; come in! The smile of Maria Giovanna and daughters Giorgia and Paola will welcome you, you just need to sit down at the table and taste the specialties of the Dolomites. In the menu the great classics of mountain cuisine, old recipes retrieved and new interpretations accompanied by wines from the Veneto and Friuli region.

There is always a reason to spend a day at pass Cibiana.
The unspoilt nature and the beautiful landscapes of this area a bit 'off the tourist track is already a pleasant discovery for anyone who wants to enjoy the peace of the mountain.

The historic villages of the small town perfectly preserved, allowing a journey in memory of its people through the streets colored by the beautiful wall murals, which come alive in July for the festival of "Murals Living".

And for those who want to know the mountain history and culture, but at the same time enjoy the breathtaking views of Mount Rite a convenient shuttle can lead you directly to the "Museum of the Clouds".

Passo Cibiana,

Cibiana di Cadore, BL, Italia

Phone: +39 0435 540169

Mobile: +39 3471678538


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