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Baita Fraina is located in a beautiful location. What could be better than to stop after a hike or a long bike ride, including a game of tennis or golf, and finish an eventful day in a nice cozy place where you can relax, eating and savoring the best ingredients of mountain culture?

On foot or by car head over the old village of  Cojana, just below the "Gateway of the god Silvano" and you will find us. Alone, for its reputation already established, offers you a guarantee of service and Baita Fraina is located in a already wonderful place in itself as Cortina d'Ampezzo. courtesy indistinguishable.
You don't come so far only for the food, but to sit at the table with the culture of good eating and drinking, to rediscover ancient flavors in modern recipes for easy digestion and healthy composition.

The Baita is run by two brothers, Adolfo Menardi, the oldest which is the organizer and coordinator of the family business and follows the customers in the room, and Alexander, the chef who runs his kitchen kingdom. Their wives, Anna and Tiziana direct the dining room service with good taste and above all by making the finesse and sensitivity of the service.

The Baita is divided into four small rooms, the walls are covered with wood as the “ampezzan stube” where does not lack the famous Cortina “stua” in ceramics. A gem is the tavern with its cellar wine supplied by about 800 Italian and foreign references, cared by the sommelier Simon and Sarah, sons of Adolfo.

But the attractiveness of this place is not all here: during the summer it's refined for the large sun terrace with 80 seats, where you can eat in front of an enviable view.

Stopping at Baita Fraina, where there are also delightful rooms for rent, all nicely decorated and covered with wood, with private facilities, also available with a sauna and whirlpool service, is the ideal way to discover the wonders of nature in the Dolomites, to immerse yourself in it following its pace and its silence, one day after another, being fascinated by the majestic scenery that follow one another along the way, to discover the charm of a land rich in history and proud of its roots, where people have not abbandoned of all the traditions and its idiom.

You will find us in:
Via Fraina, 1
32043, Cortina d'Ampezzo
Phone 0436 3634 Fax 0436 876235

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